Users must read and agree to these Terms of Service when purchasing Veee services or products.

This article was last updated on May 8, 2018 and applies to all users.

1. User account

Before purchasing Veee products and services, users need to create an account. When registering an account, the user must agree and guarantee the following terms:

1. The user information entered must be complete and true and valid. Veee reserves the right to refuse to provide services for users who use false data.

2. The user has full responsibility for his/her account. User's own responsibility shall be the responsibility of the user for any loss of information or password disclosure due to user's own operation mistakes.


2. The rational use of the agreement

In compliance with national laws and regulations, Veee has established a series of fair use agreements (AUPs) for users in order to ensure service quality and fairness and fairness to all users, which partially restricts user behavior.

Users must abide by fair use agreements while using Veee's services or products. If the user violates the rules defined by AUP, Veee will handle the rectification, warning, suspension of service, and termination of services according to the severity of the incident.

The full use of AUP is available on this link: Acceptable Use Policy


3. Money back guarantee and protest dispute

Unless otherwise specified, all users can enjoy a refund commitment, and can apply for a refund within the first 15 days from the date of purchase of the service, except in the following cases:

  1. The user has violated the terms of service;
  2. No refund request was made within 15 days;
  3. Services or products not covered by the refund, such as dedicated server rental, temporary accounts, etc.;
  4. Repeatedly purchased the product and requested a refund;

The full refund policy is available on this link: Refund Policy


4. The service cycle

1. The system will remind the user 7 days before the service or product expires. The user can log in to the customer center for payment.

2. If the service or product is still not paid on the expiry date, the related service or product will be suspended (off/off).

3. After the service or product expires on the 1st, related services or products may be deleted (empty data).

4. We only provide one-time payment. We don't automatically renew the subscription.


5. Cancel the service

The user can submit a cancellation service application at the customer center at any time. Please refer to this link for information on the refund policy after canceling the service: Refund Policy


6. Disclaimer

Veee assumes no responsibility for the following situations:

1. Services that cannot be accessed (used) or lost due to user arrears, no renewals, or renewal of renewal;

2. The service cannot be accessed (used) or data is lost due to user's operation or other related misbehavior;

3. Inaccessibility or data loss caused by the user's use of the service in violation of the terms of service;


7. Reservations

1. Veee reserves the right of final interpretation of this article.

2. Veee reserves the right to modify this term without notice.